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City of Marseille
30.08/1.09 2024

Yes, you read it correctly! We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting the first stop of the 2024 Psicobloc Open Series in Marseille, France in partnership with Red Bull. This exciting event will be held in collaboration with Urban Elements and the city itself, ensuring a weekend full of breathtaking action and enjoyable sunny weather. Get ready for an unforgettable experience

Breathe Easy

Marseille, the second-largest city in France, is a bustling hub for art, fashion, gastronomy, and culture. Its cityscape is characterized by a beautiful mix of old and new architecture, with the Vieux-Port being a significant attraction. The city is known for its vibrant culture and Mediterranean charm, with lots of trendy cafes and designer boutiques to explore.

City of Marseille - Image by Lara Schipperen
beautiful coast near Marseille eith boats - Image by ISHM

Can you imagine a more vibrant and culturally rich city than Marseille? As you wander through the bustling streets, the aroma of fresh seafood and Mediterranean spices fills your senses. You pass by street performers and artists showcasing their talents, adding to the lively atmosphere of the city. As you retire to your hotel, the friendly staff greets you warmly and offers local recommendations for the best bouillabaisse in town. You settle in with a glass of pastis, ready to indulge in the city's lively nightlife.

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