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05-06.10 2024

Umag and its riviera, which are about 20 km long, are a very popular destination in Istria, Croatia. The old town features attractive and narrow, cobbled streets, while its coastline is filled with pretty little bays. As a holiday destination, there are around 60,000 available hotel beds and private accommodations here, as well as many camping and caravan sites along the coast which are well-run and highly recommended for an inexpensive holiday.

umag_lokacija during sun set

As you sit on the deck of the port, you'll be struck by the calm that settles inside you, against the stunning backdrop of the warm Adriatic Sea. Umag has the capacity to host thousands of visitors, which will be necessary as climbers from all over the Eastern Bloc and the world are set to compete in the second event of the season in Croatia.

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