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Open Competition


  • The open category is 14 or older (Exceptions can be made, email us any queries)

  • Qualifiers or 'seeding' happens the Friday (1 day) before the competition

  • You will have a warm-up session, and then you will climb the wall twice, once on the left route, and once on the right route, against another opponent.

  • Your combined time is added together to give you your seeding position

  • The top 64 Men and 64 Women athletes will compete in the quarter-finals on Saturday morning in front of a live audience, TV cameras, Redbull live stream, and the world.​

  • You will receive an email containing your Friday seeding/qualifying block/timeslot 30 days prior to the event

  • You must be 14 years old on the Friday of the qualifying/seeding of your competition date to compete

Route Grades.

  • Men's Open - 7b+

  • Women's Open - 7a

  • JR Open - 7a

  • PARABLOC Open - 5c (Adapted/Set by PARA Climbing certified Setters)


Athlete Pass.

  • Your athlete pass is essentially a VIP

  • VIP Access for THREE days (Even if you don't qualify)

  • Rapid VIP access (reserved line/side) to the main wall during all free climbing times on the wall

  • 6H of climbing on the MAIN WALL/ a day GUARANTEED

  • Open Bar*

  • Catered Vegetarian & Vegan Meals all day.*

  • Competition LTD Edition T-shirt from NOGRAD**

  • Access to the Redbull VIP Lounge

  • Free drinks (water etc) and redbulls all weekend.*

  • Industry Mixer/Opening Party Invite +1 date

  • Gift Bag full of goodies

  • Yoga and physiotherapist on-site

  • Extended practice

  • Access to the second auxiliary wall

  • Access to all zones including VIP

  • 7-day access to all ARKOSE climbing gyms (Friday to Friday)

  • Discount on HOTEL & Shops

  • Slacklines, low water bouldering, and access to all activities all weekend

  • Automatic entry to all other main EVENTS (more prizes to win)

Competition Format.

  • The Psicobloc Open Series is a SPEED CLIMBING competition.


  • You will be falling into what is referred to as 'OPEN WATER' the sea

  • All locations host a minimum of 4.5 meters of water depth if not more

  • Safety boats, lifeguards, and paramedics will be standing by, for the entire competition weekend


  • The Psicobloc Open Series is the biggest and highest DWS wall in the world

  • 18 meters high (from the platform)

  • 8 meters wide

  • 6.5m of overhang

  • trublue auto belay to come down (over the water) if you don't want to jump

Registration Process (OPEN).

  • There are 200 OPEN registration spots (men + women = 400)

  • The open category is 14yrs or older

  • The registration applications are set in progressive price/gift step

  • Presale @ 140€ + bonus gift (branded Psicobloc shorts by NOGRAD)

  • Earlybird @ 140€

  • Standard @ 150€

  • Block 1 @ 160€

  • Block 2 @ 180€

  • Block 3 @ 200€

  • Blocks are set dates, refer to the event location registration tickets for cut-off dates (If the registration of the current block of tickets sells out, the following registration block is automatically activated)

*(VIP Lounge ONLY. No drinks in or out of the lounge)

** NOGRAD is the official Psicobloc Open Series apparel partner


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